My Career and Disabilities

The military my job as a torpedo mincemeat was that of a repairman a physical labor man I dealt with greases hazmat auto fuel to on the regular which is toxic and I was responsible for the torpedo magazines and all the exercises that we would have to do for live for training or for maintenance. Every day maintenance had to be done daily checks and moving of heavy equipment. In one incident while moving a Mark 46 torpedo from the top deck of a arliegh Burke class destroyer Down to the lower levels. We were instructed to use them Boatsns mate davit to manually lower Peter using ropes and pulleys in a consorted effort to distribute the weight of the torpedo between four members.

As one person guided it down the rails in an attempt to move it across the rail. Then unexpectedly the rope began to burn members hands one member did not have long gloves he let go Dr. torpedo was only held up by three people trying to manage it Down from the top. One of the service-members hand slipped and the torpedo came crashing down at an angle because of the rope it cannot you are out and then swooped in ultimately end up at the bulkhead where I was standing .

I suffered horrible injury to my hip lower back immediately my toes were numb and I had pain that radiated throughout my back and hip in the face both legs we were underway so I was forced to go to medical and I’ll talk to baby Doc he gave be Motrin for the swelling and I had to wait until we came back to Port to see medical I’ve been to medical it is thoroughly documented through my Active service records and for two or more years three times a week I had to chiropractor and I have to physical therapy my condition continue to deteriorate instability horrible debilitating pain but I still came to work everyday I still participated in work parties I still loaded the 5 inch gun which is one of my collaterals 100 pounds each per round I have over 30,000 lives in my career I always showed up to underway replenishment again stress on my back my neck my knees.

My record shows MRI results that did not show the broken parts of bones that were new from my recent discectomy but they did show severe crushing of my nerves in the exiting group . I have included paperwork on that surgery which found conclusive evidence of trauma and three surgeons have agreed that this injury happened while in the Navy and was made known only unto surgical procedures had been performed.

I am a war veteran I have seen come how was injured in wartime preparing for combat I was not able to even afford to go to the Veterans Administration once they changed over from the free system of medicine I was put out and not able to receive as I only receive 20% for degenerative disc disease.

But what is lost in translation it Is I was disabled from the onset of my career and I was disabled again while serving in a war zone and I wrote it and I spoke to medical. My records are clear the PTSD from being injured PTSD from shooting 5 inch guns the ringing in the constant fear of loud noises the hyperventilating due to small spaces the conscious knowing of members of the military who lost their lives that were close to me in the US Cole Yemen bombing incident.

I served on the V BSS team when they were allowed to board group 12 or three merchant vessels.

The middle eastern people that were being subdued where never friendly sometimes and often times they jumped into the water to even aid being sent back to their country so it was always a problem I had to see them in some of the most deplorable conditions imaginable feces strewn everywhere horrible conditions onboard and thus without proper quarantine material on us.

I’ll never forget those people who jumped to their demise replace in my mind as well as everything that I did my entire career would be akin to some of the hardest things to do in the military physically mentally and being that I was hey Junior sailor I also had partake in stores which is the bringing on for the goods that we need on deployment the practice at the time was to throw huge boxes at people and I suffer a lot of injuries with my back and it was mandatory if I didn’t do it or I complain I was in trouble I was written up for disobeying a lawful order even though my medical record shows physically that I could not

One story in particular we  sup dude to merchant vessels that were thought to have or be smuggling heroin and we put a plan together in combat I was apart of optical sight and locating the vessels at dark which is one of my other collaterals inside of combat along with operating the Swic console qualified and my normal duties as a sonar technician watch stander. After we sup dude and pulled up on the vessels I was in charge of the sale that was going to be used to hold them until the Navy SEALs arrive my torpedo mag was used I had to remove all my torpedoes from one magazine and move them into another just to create the space needed to properly house the criminals. I had to witness them using the restroom on a makeshift toilet made by the engineers using the fire main hose on the aft flight deck.

I have not while I was in the service been able to celebrate any holiday with my family being that the ship I was on even if it wasn’t going out for a deployment we had of operations we performed on the regular we were an elite ship.

Moving on it’s hard to talk about these things I never received any help for my command only objection to my medical conditions and my sexuality. I worked longer days then everyone else because I was the only torpedo bins made on my boat and my division were sonar text so I default I stay later because I had to do sonar tech work along with torpedomansmates mate work in maintenance.

My injuries in total cost me having sex it cost me my mind my blood pressure it cost me diabetes it cost me perineal nerve damage it cost me hip dysplasia it cost me severe lower lumbar fractures and hernias it cost me my wife who left me because she just couldn’t deal with me being pushed out and left medically without anything it cost me my mother who I was taking care of while I was in the military it cost me children who I Lost do too not being able To be around as a father I walk with a walker and have been cents really I was in the military and I still do I have the most debilitating pain my lower have to does not work I have incontinence I have so much fear of pain and numbness migraines cervical neck issues wrist issues shin issues.


I have mallory’s weis tear that happened after I was put in an old barge in order to clean out moldy refrigerator that had black mold. These are all documented between the veterans administration and the Department of Defense which is my only major providers even though I go to acupuncturists and chiropractors I’m not able to do everything get one facility I need back pay from this horrible incident back pay that extends to the time I was in I also would like to be reconsidered and medically retired or have the resources to get there I have not had a pleasant attitude since my injury and it has affected me and my family and the love that I want to give but can’t because I am in constant agony I have been suicidal I’m always suicide the pain sometimes I can’t tell if I am dreaming or sleep I served harder than most this is my testament and I promise it to be true

Jason Marcus Greene

I am in California Susan Davis is our representative

The outcome my concern is the backpay date the backpay date should be

2001 June 15 for the accident to my hip and 2000 jan 12 for the leg ankle and knee injury that I had in Boot Camp running my PRT.

I was made to conceal and not talk about my sexuality my entire time in the manager with the don’t tell policy which drove me absolutely beside myself not being able to be who I am I even took it up to the commanding officer who threw it back down at me I have been embarrassed but I still love my flag but I believe compensation is compensation I need to be 100% along with all of the things that I don’t know yet that I don’t understand because I’m dealing with mental issues their have been so many new developments that have been told to me and developments that will old I have been explained to me now and I believe its time for me not to just allow my life to pass and have what I joined the Navy for and that was a future for my children in America.

This should prove what I have been saying from the beginning

Thank you again Jason Greene

Absolutely massive hepatitis outbreak claims yet another victim in San Diego County

The state’s largest outbreak in two decades says public health officials on Wednesday as a fifth person has died in San Diego County’s ongoing hepatitis A outbreak

Last year 2016 late November it started and has grown among San Diego’s homeless population there have been 228 confirmed confirmed infections including 161 people people who had to be hospitalized according to the county’s health and human services agency.

The virus which is spread through many forms of close contact including drugs and drinking shared food shared clothing has still baffled entrance you help investigators who have not discovered the true source of the outbreak though they note Poor sanitation a possible factor. The latest update confirmed roughly 70% of the confirmed cases of hepatitis have evolved homeless people the same pattern has not been determined to apply to the five fatalities though and have declined to make public the ages and genders of the five victims.

County officials in a surprise move have indicated that they may sponsor at the pleasure of the county hand washing stations and distribution of sanitation kits for the homeless

you think is homelessness a problem in your City? what would you do or not do to help curve disease in your community? Did you know that there are vaccines that completely eliminate hepatitis A and that a lot of homeless will not take the vaccine?

Vaccinations to help prevent Hepatitis A and B, where given by HEP Team to those interested, free o



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